Forest Service Building Destroyed in Entiat Valley Blaze

August 17, 2010

Investigators are sifting through the

ashes of a burned out US Forest Service building that was destroyed in a late afternoon fire up the Entiat Valley.

The fire broke out late Monday afternoon at the Stelico compound located about 11 miles up the Entiat River Road.

When first reported the fire had consumed the building and was making a run upslope toward a fire lookout and

other structures. Forest Service spokeswoman, Robin Demario says a joint response by Local, State and US Forest

service crews got it contained in pretty short order . . .

Demario reported this morning that crews were

still on the scene doing mop-up work.
The fire was held to about 10 acres. Weather and fuel conditions in the

Entiat Valley are tinder dry and that’s expected to worsen today with the forecast calling for temperatures

nearing 100 degrees.