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July 24, 2009

 Each week commentator Werner Janssen attempts to stimulate your thinking with his opinion piece Consider This. This week Werner comes out in favor of taxes.


thanks for the feedback

 Mr. Elliott, we sincerely appreciate your response. Mr. Janssen's commentary does not replect the views of the station. Rather, his opinion pieces are intended to stimulate discussion in the community. It appears from your comments that he has been successful! With regards to this particular commentary, how do you feel about taxes?

I love KOHO and we listen to

I love KOHO and we listen to it all day in our retail business- and almost everything Thursday I have to turn it down because of this commentary. While I respect every one man's right to an opinion- I want to make it known that KOHO has Christian Republican listeners. If Mr. Janssen is going to give one side of an argument, is it not fair that the other side is represented as well? Again, while I appreciate his right to an opinion, I want to hear the music and local news! Not a religious and policitical speech.
Thanks for the great music.
-Shaye Elliott

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