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FEATURE: CONSIDER THIS Leavenworth Noise Ordinance

August 06, 2009

Each week Werner Janssen attempts to stimulate your thinking with his opinion and commentary. This week he calls for better enforcement of Leavenworth noise ordinances.


regulating noise

Werner: You talk about me, but not to me. i own the Hinterhof, the subject of your feature. i have met with the County. Chelan repealed its noise ordinance and has declined to adopt the state version. Instead Chelan has an 'unwritten' rule that 10:00pm starts the quiet hour. We have honored that, as a courtesy to residents across the river. the City's noise ordinance is a personal conduct law and was not written to address a legal organized music activity. we have worked for months with the City to figure out an equitable arrangement. i have long requested an audience with the Council to discuss this. However, the City allows music at its Gazebo that it has objected to at Hinterhof and both properties are zoned the same. Also, during festivals such as Octoberfest the City allows outdoor (tent) music as late at midnight. Again, the City does not want HInterhof to play until midnight, but the zoning is the same. THe Sound of Music production blankets Ski Hill with noise all summer long. You mention a '50 foot' rule. what would happen if that was imposed on Leavenworth Summer Theatre? i agree that outdoor music should be regulated in balance with neighbor concerns. but, i suggest the regulation should be fair and consistent across the board, and not based on what a particular property owner does or does not like. our calendar is posted at take a look, Werner, maybe you will find a night of music that you enjoy.

If it's too loud...

you're too damn old. I say let all the whiny elitists on E Leavenworth Rd buy some gold-plated ear plugs. Music in town is as much for the hard working locals as it is for tourists. We deserve a place to go out and unwind, have fun, and make some noise. Hinterhoff is shutting down music by 10pm, for gods sakes, that is EARLY!!! Leavenworth needs to shake the dust off its nutcrackers and realize that the busybody retirees may complain loudly, but they are not the majority of this town. Fight for your right to party locally!

Just ignore him

As usual Mr Jannssen is misguided.All he ever does is complain.Typical liberal blah blah.The only reason he even has a platform is because he hangs around Sleeping Lady (where he used to work) and he loves to be seen with Mrs.Bullit.He could not cut the mustard when working at the PUD and now that he does not have a real job,he comes up with these bizare theories like you can not rent your home for vacation renters music is to loud for him so whats next?Its best to ignore this clown so we can all move on with our lives.

thanks for the comment

 While you may or may not agree with Werner's topic of the week, it is sure to elicit sopme sort of response. Thanks for listening!

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