FEATUE: COOKING LOCAL White Settler Pioneer Cooking Pt. 1

November 06, 2009


Whiskey, sugar, flour, bacon and venison. Onions,

potatoes and cabbage.

Welcome back to the kitchen. No recipe this week. Instead, we’re continuing our look at local cooking

from way back when. Our historian friend has returned, this time to tell us what the first white pioneers in the

valley were growing, buying, and eating in the 1870s.

We’ll digest that information and come back next week with a

fabulous locally inspired pioneer recipe. In the mean time, I’d love to hear what family recipes have been

passed down to you through the centuries. Email me with questions and comments at

"mailto:isaac@kohoradio.com">isaac@kohoradio.com. Cooking local in the KOHO kitchen, I’m Isaac




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