August 26, 2013


progress continues to be made on the Eagle Fire. The 13 hundred acre fire is now 60 percent


Containment lines have been completed along the west south and east sides of the fire.

style="mso-spacerun:yes">  Mop-up to remove threats close to the perimeter continues today. In some

cases that work has been completed 150 feet inside the fire line. 

Public information officer for the fire Bernie Peneda said strategy remains full suppression along

the north side of the fire, with mop-up along the west, south and east sides.

A planned burnout was

cancelled due to unfavorable weather conditions. Peneda said another attempt for a burnout is planned as weather

conditions permit. He said the burnout would be in steep terrain and could be within the next couple of days.

Aircraft will continue supporting the operation along with coordinated ground support.  

Currently, 642 firefighters are assigned to the fire, including 13 hand

crews, 5 helicopters, 3 dozers, 10 water tenders and 38 single engines. 

The evacuation level for residents along Bjork Canyon Road and for Eagle Creek Road adjacent to

the burn is at a Level 2.  The lower portion of the Eagle Creek road between the fire and Chumstick Highway

is at a Level 1 Evacuation.

Eagle Creek County Road is closed to public entry approximately 3 miles above

the Chumstick Road Junction.  Bjork Canyon Road is closed to public entry at its junction with Eagle Creek


Peneda said smoke will not be visible today, though it a burnout does occur it will cause some smoke

to visible from Leavenworth and the surrounding areas.