Downtown Association Hosts Business Cop Talk

August 01, 2013

Any store, from the largest Costco to the smallest mom-and-pop shop,

deals with shoplifting. It’s an unfortunate, inevitable aspect of running a business. In an effort to build

awareness of issues and cooperation with local law enforcement, the Wenatchee Downtown Association hosted a

Business Cop Talk at the Wenatchee Convention Center.Corporal Guy Miner and Police Chief Tom Robbins emceed the event,

which was hosted by the Wenatchee Downtown Association and Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce. Over 30 people

attended the talk at the Wenatchee Convention Center, including business owners, city councilmen and downtown

association members.

Corporal Miner brought up issues such as shoplifting, trespassing,

the differences between theft and robbery, prevention techniques and important contacts when incidents do occur.

He said creating a conversation with a potential law-breaker, or asking them to leave the store, can diffuse the

situation, but he also urged to never take the law into your own hands.

Miner said talks

such as these are worthwhile because they boost public awareness and create cooperation between the business

owners and law enforcement. The police become aware of problems and issues downtown businesses face, Miner said,

only if they’re told about them.