Devastation At Lake Wenatchee State Park

December 28, 2012


"margin: 0in 0in 0pt">The Lake Wenatchee and Plain areas continue to deal with

the effects of that massive snowstorm that toppled trees, darkened doorsteps, and displaced families for over a

week this holiday season. Crews say they’re finally gaining the upper hand, though. Chelan County

Public Utility District officials say they’ve restored power to all but a few dozen homes near Lake

Wenatchee and Plain. Over 3000 customers were out of juice at the outage’s height.

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a major concern, though…the devastation at Lake Wenatchee State Park. The area is off limits because

of the sheer amount of devastation. No water, trees toppled like matchsticks, and park fixtures damaged

because of the falling wood. KOHO’s Clint Strand talked to Park Manager Rick Halstead to get a sense of

Mother Nature’s power, and when outdoor enthusiasts can expect to play there