COOKING LOCAL Detoxing With Food

March 04, 2011

/>    Today we talked with local acupuncturist and herbalist

"">Sarah Piestrup about foods that can help detoxify the body for a

spring cleaning. The best part is, this is not a starvation diet. We are going to eat our way to better health!

Sarah recommends foods like blueberries, ginger, green tea, plenty of dark leafy greens and broccoli

sprouts, all of which can help the body naturally get rid of toxins.
    Based on these top

detox foods we came up with one delicious detox dinner idea—brown rice with turmeric and green tea topped

with sauteed salmon with plenty of ginger, garlic, and onions. On the side we’ll have some lightly steamed

kale and a side salad with broccoli or broccoli sprouts. Finish it all off with some fresh blueberries for dessert

and we have a near-perfect recipe for detox health!