Cooking Local (Chili Cook-Off Champion)

January 30, 2010

Winner of

the 2010 Cooking Local Chili Cook-Off
By: Damian Browne 


3 qt water 4 qt pot


1 1/2 oz pkg New Mexico Chili de-seed and put into pot
2oz pkg Dried Passila chili de-seed

and put into pot
2sticks cinnamon break into 1 inch pieces
1 heads garlic break into cloves peel and

1 1/2 oz knob ginger peel and chop fine
1 cans tomato diced pot into pot


simmer until peppers and cinnamon are tender then blend until smooth

20 oz Heinz

kethcup add next 4 ingredients to pot and simmer
1/2 x 5 oz bottle tiger sauce until thickened
3 oz

Thai sweet chili sauce
2 tsp liquid smoke

1Red Onions dice small
1 Red Bell Peppers

de-seed and dice small
1 Green Bell Pepper de-seed and dice small
2 Yellow Bell Pepper de-seed and

dice small
2 tablespoons olive oil saute onions and peppers place into large pot
3 Cans black beans

1 tsp black pepper

4 pounds chicken thighs remove skin and de-bone dice 1/2 inch
3 tsp

Jamaican jerk seasoning marinate chicken with spices and cornstarch 2 hours in cooler
3 tsp cumin ground

/>3 tsp allspice
5 tsp chili powder
4 tsp corn starch
4 tablespoon olive oil Saute chicken in

small batches and place in pot with peppers onions, black beans
chicken stock make stock from bones and skin

Add enough sauce to large pot of chicken and peppers and beans, add chicken stock if required and

for 20 minutes

Before serving add the following and simmer for 1 minute



Chocolate 1/2 cup 61% available at Schocolat 4 limes zested
1 bunch cillantro

chopped 6 roma


Bon appetit!


Pictures from The Event:


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Woolner inspects the Ghost Chili setup


src="/sites/all/files/1/image/Koho day at Ski Hill 012.jpg" />

Let the

tasting begin



"2304" alt="" width="3072" src="/sites/all/files/1/image/Koho day at Ski Hill 015.jpg" />

style="font-size: small"> Isaac and Clint can't wait to see who