Commissioners Adopt Chelan County PUD Budget

December 08, 2009

Commissioners on Monday adopted a $307.5 million dollar budget. It continues

the pattern of spending cuts that were made after market power prices dropped due to the recession and water

runoff was far less than expected.  The PUD imposed a 9-percent electric rate surcharge last May that will

remain through April 2010. A new rate design is then scheduled to take effect in May that would raise bills for

high energy users but keep costs about the same or slightly less for about 70 percent of PUD residential

customers. Following the Board’s action. Commissioner Randy Smith commented . . .

120809 PUD

Budget . . . 46 sec.  “together”

Depending on spring runoff and surplus power revenue

the range of possible financial outcomes for the PUD in 2010 now runs from the most optimistic case of $6 million

in the black to a worst case of $32 million in the red. The PUD anticipates having approximately $228 million in

cash reserves to start the new year, and those reserves would help cover the shortfall, leaving an estimated $216

million in the bank at the end of next year.


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