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City Council Reacts to Leavenworth Rap Video

December 09, 2010

    Many of you heard it here first, as KOHO Radio first broke news of a new viral marketing rap video promoting Leavenworth. The city’s unofficial nutcracker mascot, Woody Goomsba, is at it again. The views on Youtube started ticking up almost immediately, and by press time were well over 50,000.
    Featuring scantily dirndled dancers and a bevy of shots of fun in and around the Bavarian village, the video has generated a storm of comments, both online and around town.
    We sent reporter Isaac Kaplan-Woolner to ask Leavenworth City Council member what they thought of the “Gitcha Goomsba Up” online rap video, paid for by Leavenworth Area Promotions (LAP) dollars. Councilwoman Farivar and Councilman Lak felt the video misrepresents Leavenworth and gives a bad impression, perhaps even alienting some visitors. Councilman Molohon said he loved the video from its inception, and sees advertising to younger viewers as crucial to Leavenworth's future.
    And of course, love it or hate it, you can find a link to that Woody Goomsba rap video here. It was produced by Wenatchee company Howell At The Moon Productions.




The Chamber and LAP can do all they can do drive people to Leavenworth; it is up to the business owners to get them to return. That is not going to happen with poor attitudes, untrained salespeople and stores closing before 6 PM all summer long. People have more options for things to do during the day and they want to come to town to eat dinner and shop after a day of outdoor recreation. Seems to me there are a lot more important things to be concerned with other that a very successful video that has over 60000 views in only a few days. Watch the video and have a good laugh!


The video is funny and clever and definitely will appeal to the younger crowd. Personally I feel like if you don't like it, you can't take a joke and have no sense of humor. :)

Goomsba Video

Love the video. As a business owner in Leavenworth for almost 30 years it is great to see Leavenworth trying to appeal to a younger generation. If you don’t believe it is working just search Woody Goomsba and look at all of the Blogs and other places this video has been commented on with positive feedback. This is a humorous campaign and would be a great theme for the next parade float. Gitcha your Goomsba Up!!

Woody Goomsba video

Great video...!!

Leavenworth Rap Video

How do I view the comments about the rap video

This beautiful, serene get

This beautiful, serene get away , has fallen to the ordinary sounds of C"rap"! This type of music may be a new style, but since when does one culture impose a twist on the traditional German culture that people can relate too. Leavenworth is a place to go to take a mini vacation and taste the flavor of a traditional European town. Rap has not been traditional part of the German’s heritage. Rap is rooted in African-American culture. How does that relate to Germanic heritage? We cannot allow “rap” to color another culture’s heritage and tradition and make Leavenworth ordinary and sacrilege. Where are the traditions of “our German American Heritage”! Can’t German Americans have something to call their own. Don’t take away the magic that Leavenworth is and the pride of being German-American, regardless of age.

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