City Considers Combining Arena and Convention Center Food Services

May 28, 2010


Union Rep says Organized Labor would Boycott Wenatchee if Convention Center Loses Food Service Contract. The

Wenatchee City Council is considering combining food services for both the Convention Center and the Town Toyota

Center. City staff has been instructed to put out a request for proposals to get a better idea of estimated costs

under a consolidated food service proposal. Wescoast Hotel now manages the Convention center along with food

services at the Convention Center. The union that represents the convention center workers opposes the switch and

its representative, cautioned the Council of the possible consequences. Stefan Morits is with the union that

represents the Hotel and restaurant employees at the Convention Center. He says organized labor contributed an

estimated quarter of a million dollars last year to the local economy in addition to improving the quality of life

for those working in the service industry.The council was told it would take about a month to complete the RFP

process and that staff would be prepared to make a recommendation by July. The Town Toyota Center is managed by

the Greater Wenatchee Public Facility District but the City is financially responsible for the debt service on the

facility and has final say on the food service contract.


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