Chelan County PUD Managers Agree to Salary Freeze

November 16, 2010

Chelan County PUD managers have agreed to freeze

their salaries for another year.
General Manager John Janney suggested to commissioners at their Monday

meeting that consideration of raises for 288 non-union employees in the 2011 budget be delayed until April 2012.

Janney told commissioners he would remove himself from consideration for any pay increase. The four other members

of the Executive Team would also forego any increases until April 2012…

Janney said a small salary pool

would still be available for unusual circumstances that arise, but no managing directors nor members of the

Executive Team would be able to share in any part of that pool. Meanwhile, Janney says the pay raise that had been

negotiated with the District’s union represented employees will remain in place..

Janney added that the PUD

needs to extend the existing 9-percent surcharge on electric bills another eight months to help the PUD cover

continuing budget shortfalls and help meet new financial guidelines in its Strategic Plan. The surcharge had been

scheduled to lapse at the end of April, to be replaced by an overall rate redesign that was expected to bring in

about 2.5 percent more revenue. That rate redesign would now be postponed until 2012. . The PUD is forecasting a

loss of up to $25 million this year, which follows a $15 million shortfall in Utility Services in 2009.

Commissioners will look at a final proposed budget at a public hearing set for 1 p.m. Nov. 29. They will be asked

to adopt the budget the following week, Dec. 6.


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