Chelan County Employees Disatisfied with Teamsters Union Representation

November 05, 2009


face="Verdana">Chelan County employees apparently don’t want

to be represented by the Teamsters Union and have filed a petition with the state for union decertification. The

group’s spokesman, Robert Scoville filed the petition with the State Public Employment Relations Commission.

The timing of the petition comes at a time when County Department heads make plans to lay off employees due to

budget cuts. Scoville also said the employees are dissatisfied with the way the Union has worked with the County during the current budget discussions. He says the group wants to

form its own collective bargaining unit. The decertification petition was filed on October 21st and

Scoville says he expects a rank and file vote on the matter soon. There are currently 163 employees represented by

the Teamsters. They work in various departments including building and planning, public works, juvenile detention,

the Auditors, Clerks and Treasurer offices among others.


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