Cashmere City Council Considers Town Toyota Center Tax Increase

August 25, 2010

Cashmere City Council members have delayed their decision on a

proposed ballot measure asking voters to approve a sales tax increase to pay down the debt on the Town Toyota

Center. Arena manager Mark Miller and Public Facilities District board chair Joe Jarvis pitched the council on the

need for the sales tax hike. But judging from the reaction of one council member, it would appear it’ll be a close

vote. Cashmere is the first of nine jurisdictions to be presented with the proposal. City Council member, Skip

Moore made the motion to table the vote and he explained why in an interview with Wenatchee Bureau Chief Steve

Hair… The proposal is for a .2 percent sales tax increase to raise 3.5 million dollars. Moore, who also works as

Chelan County Auditor added that he is doubtful that much money can be generated given the current state of the

economy. Jarvis and Miller will be meeting separately with each of the nine jurisdictions represented by the PFD.

In order for the matter to come to a vote in February all nine must agree to put the measure on the



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