Bullitt Sues Leavenworth Hatchery

June 18, 2012

    If you’ve been following the saga on the Icicle River for some time, then

you know the issue has been relatively quiet for a couple of years. Now negotiations between the Leavenworth

National Fish Hatchery and land owner Harriet Bullitt have broken down. Bullitt has begun the process of suing the

hatchery, along with the Department of the Interior and US Fish and Wildlife, over water rights issues.

/>    Bullitt, along with environmental groups like the Wild Fish Conservancy, contend that the

hatchery is diverting water to which they hold no permit right, threatening the survival of wild and endangered

species in the Icicle River. The hatchery contends that it is fulfilling its mission in the best way it is able,

and it requires water to raise the fish it is required to raise.
    Today we will hear about

the issue from both sides, starting with litigant Harriet Bullit, who is owner of Sleeping Lady, as well as KOHO

Radio, and a landowner on the Icicle River adjacent to the hatchery. Isaac Kaplan-Woolner has more.

/>    We will also talk about the lawsuit with hatchery complex manager Dave Irving.