Bridging the Columbia and Wenatchee Rivers

June 20, 2013

When the Skagit River Bridge collapsed last month after being hit by

a truck, Washington and the rest of the U.S. got a rude awakening on the quality of the

nations’ infrastructure. Bridge standards have become a hot topic now, especially with about 8,000 bridges

nationwide classified as structurally deficient and twice that with critical support elements, according to the

Federal Highway Administration.

Chelan County, however, doesn’t fit into that national statistic. The Washington State

Transportation Department has been very busy bringing bridges that cross the Columbia and Wenatchee rivers up

to par, as DOT project engineering manager Bob Romine will tell you.

Heavy construction is underway on the George Sellar

Bridge in south Wenatchee and three bridges up the Tumwater Canyon. Numerous benefits come with these projects and

north central Washingtonians can feel assured in the quality of our bridges.