Blood Evidence Found in Accused Murderer's Apartment Linked to Mackenzie Cowell

October 18, 2010

Its reported today by the Cowell investigation task force that Blood

evidence found in murder suspect Christopher S. Wilson’s Okanogan Street apartment came from the

victim… Detective Robin Wagg, with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department is the lead investigator

for the Cowell Murder Task Force. He says a substantial blood stain was found on the floor in the main living area

of the apartment. The stain was soaked through the carpet and padding on to the concrete floor below. A sample

was sent to the Washington State Patrol Crime Lab where a forensic scientist was able to determine the stain

contained blood matching Mackenzie Cowell’s specific DNA. Cowell was killed on February 9th after leaving

the Academy of Hair Design in Wenatchee where she and Wilson were classmates.. Cowell’s body was found on

February 13th near Crescent Bar.. Wilson was arrested for Murder in the 2nd Degree on October 6th.

Wilson’s arrest occurred after his DNA profile was found to match DNA found on a piece of duct tape located

near Cowell’s body. The piece of duct tape also had Mackenzie Cowell’s blood on it. Detective Wagg

says investigators continue to look for additional clues in the murder. Wilson is slated to enter his plea at an

arraignment hearing slated for Wednesday in Chelan County Superior Court. He’s currently in custody on a one

million dollar bail.


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