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August 24, 2012


Talk to an artist about his or her “overnight success”, and listen. You’ll likely receive a bristling response, playing up countless sweaty nights in small bars, the years spent honing their craft and suffering for their art, and the sacrifices made in pursuit of success.
You won’t get that out of Colbie Caillat. She's too honest for that.  But don’t think for a moment you’ll get a response as sunny as her trademark summer songs.
“I was scared,” she said bluntly, as she recounted her rocket ride to stardom when she was barely in her twenties. Within a year, Caillat went from an unknown to the first of the “Youtube stars” to a multi-million selling artist, playing to thousands before even conquering a coffeehouse. Stardom was a beast she had to stare down, then tame, before becoming comfortable in her art and her skin.
On tour with Gavin Degraw (at the Town Toyota Center this Sunday), Caillat says she’s in a great place, comfortable with her art, the spotlight that comes with it, and the music she gets to play every night.