Abuse of Seinors Detailed in Seattle Times Investigative Piece

February 08, 2010


style="font-size: 14pt">Last week, the Seattle Times published a multi-part investigative series on the

mistreatment of the elderly in “adult family homes” called “Seniors For Sale”. You

can find the series here. It describes

homes for the elderly managed by ill-prepared, sometimes profiteering owners viewing their charges at times as no

more than commodities. The pieces are punctuated with tragic stories of families who lost their parents and

grandparents, lost dignity and found outrage. The fallout has been intense. Governor Gregoire has

ordered a top-to-bottom review of how DSHS handles these homes, and the pieces provided some momentum to the House

passing Rep. Mike Armstrong’s bill aiming at dismantling the mammoth state entity. KOHO had an in-depth

conversation with Seattle Times investigative reporter Mike Berens, who devoted 10 months to unearthing the