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"409 Days" Part 3: Healing

March 06, 2013


In October 2010 Evan Whitehall left Cashmere, Washington for a life of surfing and adventure in Nicaragua. 4 months later he was in prison, facing a 3 year sentence for marijuana possession. In the end he was incarcerated in the Central American country for 14 months, a harrowing tale recounted in his newly penned memoir “409 Days”, which will be released soon.
       KOHO’s Isaac Kaplan-Woolner sat down with Whitehall for an extended interview about his experiences surviving in prison, securing his eventual release, and adjusting back to life in the United States. The interview has been broken up into a three part series.
So today we present to you the final installment on “409 Days”, and Evan Whitehall’s time locked up in Nicaragua. Whitehall experienced fear and violence, sickness and boredom while in prison. But with the help of his family he was able to secure a release and did not end up serving his full 3 year sentence.
Still, after all he had seen and experienced while locked up abroad, Whitehall found it hard at times to adjust to life back in the US. Today we talk about what he learned, and how he healed. 409 Days will be released soon, first as an E-book, and it can be found at