April 07, 2011

A Wenatchee City Councilman who was viewed as a

possible candidate for Mayor says he has other plans and neither the Mayor’s office or reelection to the

Council is included in those plans . . Don Gurnard says he made his decision following a weekend retreat with

his wife at Lake Chelan Gurnard was first elected 12 years ago when the City switched from a three member board

of commissioners to a seven-member City Council. Gurnard recognizes the financial straights the City finds itself

in now due to the Town Toyota Center debt service issue. He says those issues had no bearing on his political

decision.. Besides Gurnard’s position 6 seat on the Council there are three other Councilmembers

who’s positions are up for reelection. Position 3 is currently held by Karen Rutherford, Position 5 is held

by Mark Kulaas and position 7 is occupied by Carolyn Case.


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