November 18, 2010


"font-family: Verdana">Washington’s mountain passes received

their first real snow of the season Wednesday, as a pacific system slammed into the Puget Sound and the upper

elevations. Forecasters breathlessly predicted a foot to two feet of snow in the passes. Washington

Department of Transportation spokesman Jeff Adamson said while that may have been the case in the southern part of

the state, Stevens, Snoqualmie, and Blewett passes received much more of a glancing blow, with five to six inches

of the white stuff falling overnight.


"margin: 0in 0in 0pt">Adamson added crews are preparing to add de-icer to

roadways over the course of the weekend, in anticipation of frigid temperatures in the latter part of the weekend

and the upcoming extended Thanksgiving travel weekend. Click the arrow above for the full conversation

between Clint Strand and Adamson in the KOHO Morning Show. For in-depth and up to the minute pass

information, click here.



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