November 08, 2010

Wenatchee Visitors and

Convention Bureau Manager Roger Klute is on the defensive after a local business woman complains that the agency

isn’t doing a very good job of tourism marketing. Real Estate broker, Lisa Day outlined her complaints in a recent

letter to the Ports of Chelan and Douglas County and the Cities of Wenatchee and East Wenatchee. Day claims the

Bureau doesn’t provide enough tourist brochures at area motels or at Pangborn Airport. She also grumbles about the

downtown Wenatchee visitors center and questions why it is closed on the weekends or on weekday’s after five pm.

after obtaining Day’s letter from the Chelan County Port Wenatchee Bureau Chief Steve Hair contacted Roger Klute

for his response to the complaints.
KOHO News spoke with Lisa Day about her letter and she said her only

motive was to point out areas where the bureau needs to improve. She stressed that she did not intend for the

letter to be an attack on the Bureau but merely her personal observations on how it can improve.


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