September 09, 2010

Miss Veedol’s

planned trip to Japan this month has been cancelled after the US Air Force decided not to airlift the historic

replica by military transport plane to Misawa.
Plans had been in place to load the plane onto an Air Force

cargo jet to transport it to the Misawa Air Base in time for the annual Misawa Air Show on Sept. 19.

reported that Air Force officials told the Spirit of Wenatchee Committee that a rule prevents the Air Force from

shipping cargo if it competes with the private sector.
Officials are now planning to delay the trip until next

year and instead of air transport Miss Veedol would have to be disassembled and then shipped by container vessel

to japan.
The Miss Feedol is the replica of the single engine aircraft piloted by Clyde Pangborn and Hugh

Herndon in the first ever non-stop transpacific from Japan to East Wenatchee’s Fancher Field. Next year is the

80th anniversary of that historic flight.


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