July 17, 2010

At 2:15 PM on Friday, July 16th, an unknown white male came into the Washington

Trust Bank located at 759 S. Wenatchee Avenue in Wenatchee. The male gave a teller a note demanding money. The

male received an undisclosed amount of cash from the teller and left the bank. Initially, it was believed he fled

in a blue Honda Civic four door sedan. It now appears this information is not correct. The suspect appears, from

surveillance video footage and photos, to be the same one that robbed a Bank of America in Omak in a similar

fashion on July 13th, 2010. Nobody was hurt in either incident, no verbal threats were made and no weapons were

brandished. The suspect appears to be in his 20’s, between 6-00 and 6-02 tall, and has an athletic build. He

has very short hair that may be shaved. The fact that he has worn long sleeve shirts during both robberies may

indicate he is hiding distinctive tattoos on his arms. It also appears he may have tattoos on his right leg. These

robberies are being jointly investigated by the Wenatchee Police Department, Omak Police Department and Federal

Bureau of Investigation. Anyone with information about this suspect is being asked to call the River Com Dispatch

Center at Tel. 509-663-9911.





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