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June 23, 2010

They may have not have resolved all of their differences but Douglas and Chelan County Commissioners appear to be willing to work together to address an ongoing dispute over billing at the regional jail. Douglas Commissioner Ken Stanton says he’s satisfied that their grievances are being addressed. Wenatchee Bureau Chief Steve Hair reports on the latest developments in the ongoing jail billing brouhaha. . . Part of the problem is in the way the regional jail bills jurisdictions that contract for bed space. It’s a confusing process that gets a little muddy when you factor in concurrent and consecutive sentencing and who shares the cost for an inmate when two or more court jurisdictions are involved. Its been a learning process for Douglas County which up until this year had not had to contract for bed space. Commissioners Stanton, Mary Hunt and Dale Snyder and their prosecutor, Steve Clem met with Chelan County Commissioner Keith Goehner, Jail Director Phil Stanley and other jail staff in an attempt to clear up jail billing procedures.


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