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Regional Fire Authority - Can't Wait

I think the formation of a regional fire authority (I figure the most obvious name is "Wenatchee Valley Fire and Rescue") is, as Glenn says, long over due. These fire departments already work together on nearly every call, the two county districts are already sharing command coverage, and they all already train together. This simply formalizes the already existing relationship. Above any cost savings of personnel, there would be buying power. The regional department would be able to ensure we have the equipment and training we need.

I think this is also an opportunity to look at fire station placement as a whole region, and not just each district. Wenatchee's down town station is woefully small, and would probably be served best by making it a rescue station with light duty rescue vehicles being able to respond quickly to the downtown core.

This idea is great, I hope it goes through. As a resident, I WANT it to go through. And, like Glenn suggests, maybe this will be a catalyst for the Upper Valley districts to do the same, as well as Manson, Cashmere, and perhaps Entiat.


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