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February 20, 2010


A bomb scare caused the evacuation of the Leavenworth Safeway and parking lot Saturday afternoon. Sgt. Chris Foreman with the Chelan County Sherriff’s Office says employees found a suspicious package in their break room and called police at 1:45pm.
       The package is described as a box with wires and moving parts. Sheriff’s deputies contacted experts at the Yakima Police Training Center, and based on the description of the package the decision was made to send a bomb squad to investigate.
       The Safeway and its parking lot were evacuated as a safety precaution. The Yakima team will X-ray the package and treat it as an improvised explosive device and dispose of it as deemed fit. It is unknown what the device is at this time, and the Safeway remains under evacuation.
**UPDATE** The Yakima Bomb Team determined the device contained no explosives. It was made to look like a bomb, but contained no actual explosive material. The package is being held as evidence.
**UPDATE** Authorities have determined the package contained a control unit for a Christmas light display. It was not a bomb. The Safeway was reopened at about 5pm Saturday.




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