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Interesting that you seem so offended by chicken stock. No, rice is not meant to taste like chicken. But rice and peas is a specific, traditional food that IS meant to taste like chicken, or at least be far more flavorful than plain rice. I don't think you know the traditions you are talking about, becuase I consulted several sources on this traditional Jamiacan recipe, and all called for chicken stock. Of course, if that is not available or if you don't like the taste of chicken, use water or veggie stock. Many rice dishes call for a meat stock of some kind to add extra flavor (pilaf, risotto). Many other rice dishes are cooked with just plain water. The beauty of recipes is that you get the freedom to follow your bliss and find what tastes best to you. Thank you for your comments, and let me know how your chicken-less version turns out. I am always excited for a food debate!

-Isaac Kaplan-Woolner


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