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The Chelan County Employee Association that is not

Dear Mr. Scoville and other disaffected association members,

I am a true Union employee, thank you.

If you were wishing to address the fact that you lied and I caught you, well, you didn't do it. You put out information that is untrue, end of story, well, not quite.

You go on to say that I fabricated rumors. I did not. While I have heard those rumors, I cannot substantiate them and did not pass them along. It does not surprise me that there would be rumors though, that tends to happen when people aren't given any information, which leads us to your "association"

Mr. Scoville, people that you would supposedly be representing have asked you numerous pertinent questions regarding the plans of the association and you have not responded to them. I don't care that you don't respond to me, but you need to be open with your would be constituents. All along you and your cohorts have implied that the "association" would replace the Union and as such there would be a dues rate, legal representation, etc.

You need to apologize to all of those people you tried to dupe with your misrepresentation. You admitted over the phone that your group is not seeking to certify itself as a legal entity that has any authority to represent employees. In effect your group has nothing, no authority, no contract, no dues, no members, no officers, no by-laws, no protections of any kind. You would have these employees be in an "at-will" status.

You made the comment, "Of course they said they wouldn’t budge, it’s called a negotiating tactic Paul!"
I find that amusing Robert. Please share what information you have with the County, I am quite certain they would like your input on where to find the hidden money right now. At a time when people are being laid off I think you are well aware of the financial situation.

You also said, "Finally, why do you think it ill-conceived for employees to want to represent themselves?" That's the wrong question Robert. The question is, why do I think your plan is ill-conceived? For starters, there was no plan. You have had the last three years to establish a plan, to have meetings, to voice your disapproval, but your group has not elected to do any of those things. I should not have said "ill-conceived" because that implies there was a plan and it was just laid out poorly, the reality is that there is no plan.

Currently your group is barring me from negotiating with the County. I can not work with employees and management to try and avoid layoffs. I'll let you explain to them why they may not have jobs in the near future.

You stated it best, "We obviously have our own best interest in mind..." Yes you do Robert and that is unfortunate. You should be thinking about more than yourselves and your own little isolated world.


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