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Chelan County

While there are some employees who aren't happy, the fact is that they do not represent the majority and those that are unhappy would be so under any professional association. Mr. Scoville has no idea even how the Union has been working with the County as neither he or is cohorts have made any attempt to become involved. Mr. Scoville would have people believe that the Union is doing nothing during these difficult times which is simply not the truth. The truth is that the Chelan County commissioners, namely Ron Walter, want to make unilateral decisions and really have no interest in having us at the table for discussions over solutions. That is just the way they operate, one does not have much further to look than what has happened with attempts to reconcile the Regional Jail issues with other entities.
It is unfortunate that the ones wishing to decertify had to rely on lies and distortions to further their efforts. People are starting to see through that and to realize that this "association" is ill-conceived, poorly timed, self-serving, and has no substance. The "association" has been asked to identify its officers, address whether they have any by laws, to let people know what their dues rate will be, and just how they plan on representing its members. There has not been a single answer to any of these questions and these people have either forgotten or don't know the history of Chelan County and the abuses of the past prior to having representation. Simply ask those that have been at the County for some time, they will tell you.

Paul Parmley
Business Representative
Teamsters Local 760


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