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Mama's Pie

Isaac; this is brilliant - witty, informative and utterly charming. You are getting better and better. The accompanying sound effects were minimal and perfect. Organic ear candy. I'm going to see if I can figure out how to forward it to the NPR cooking show - you should be a featured guest interview. Including the complete and utterly straight-forward instructions for home freezing leafy greens is great and a model for sellling the desireabily of the local foods lifestyle ethic. Think about KOHO sponsering a Cooking Locally tasting contest with celebrIty judges (hosted by the Mayor) of the "best", "most original", "most popular" etc. (LOTS of prizes) implementations of the creme frais de creme of your broadcast recipes to date. I'm mouth-dreaming about a bitter-broccali/arruglia and local full-cream goat or sheeps' milk yogurt and local sheeps milk grating cheese. Home-dryed oregano. (Maybe a show or interview on how to home-dry your own herbs.) The whole-grain crust might be up to half local walnut flour with nut oil and local organic sweet butter. My entry.


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