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Solar-Powered Music Mecca

E-Town - Wed, 04/23/2014 - 04:25
When I envisioned a fully operational eTown Hall many years ago, I imagined a place where all sorts of musical and community activities could take place simultaneously. If this past week is any indication, we’re well on our way to realizing our vision as being the most active, interesting and energy efficient music-making hub in […]
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Big Landscapes of Sound

E-Town - Thu, 04/17/2014 - 03:54
I remember when I was in college; swing dancing started to become popular again for a period of time. I remember thinking “Oh great…some girl is going to expect me to do this at some point.” Not being a dancer by any stretch of the imagination, I avoided this trend like the plague. What I […]
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This week’s show with Tim O’Brien and Darrell Scott

E-Town - Thu, 04/10/2014 - 02:11
Hi everyone! I’m back bloggin’ it after a few weeks absence. Thanks to Zack for doing a killer job of covering while I took a break; he was SO good at it that I’ve asked him to continue to share the blog with me, he’s a great writer with a very cool perspective and I’m […]
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Music Makes The World Small

E-Town - Thu, 04/03/2014 - 01:34
Coming up on another birthday next week. It’s hard to believe how fast time seems to go by. I can remember when I was in high school thinking about my favorite musicians and wondering how old they were. A lot of those musicians I have since been fortunate to meet. Back then I learned about […]
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The Kids Are Going To Be Alright

E-Town - Thu, 03/27/2014 - 01:38
From as far back as I can remember as a child, I wanted to play the drums. It all started with the clicking sounds our dishwasher made when you’d turn it on. My Mom tells me that as early as I could stand on my own in the kitchen, I’d dance to the off rhythms […]
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