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Legendary Week at eTown Hall!

E-Town - Wed, 02/25/2015 - 07:21

What a week at eTown Hall! In one seven day period, we hosted multiple Grammy winner, Steve Earle, 84 year-old legend David Amram (French horn jazz master, composer and Beat Generation music director), Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Jorma Kaukonen along with Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams, the Fairview High School Jazz bands, songwriter Joe Purdy, a three day recording session with Bill Frisell and Tim O’Brien along with their 80 year old guitar teacher and Colorado jazz legend Dale Bruning, and (more events or meetings). Plus, the vinyl from the Hot Rize record that was recorded in the eTown Hall studio was released.

Not only did all of this happen under one roof in one week, the two radio shows will be shared globally on line and on air through our 300 stations around the country. This is, of course, consistent with the vision of eTown Hall, something we hoped and dreamed would happen once we opened our doors. The variety of events, quality of the music, diversity of styles and age ranges makes us all proud  – and we’re only getting started!

DSC_2465As for this week’s national broadcast/podcast, we welcome friends both old and new: The celebrated rock band (and longtime eTown pals) Big Head Todd and The Monsters, plus a more recent acquaintance, the very talented singer/songwriter Jesca Hoop. Plus, we’ll have another inspiring eChievement Award story, this time about a woman who’s fighting the spread of Malaria in Uganda with the help of a surprisingly simple and inexpensive item (tune in to find out more).

A great week in eTown – all the way around.  Be sure to tune in or podcast this week.

– Nick Forster

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A Pair Of Southerners

E-Town - Thu, 02/19/2015 - 09:43

This week we have two great artists on deck that we think you’ll both enjoy. We are dipping into the musical pools from the two “T” states to bring you a Nashvillian and Austinite. Their stories and pathways are vastly different, but they fit perfectly together in this week’s broadcast/podcast – which was our first taping for 2015 (back in January).

IMG-1002First up, we have Justin Townes Earle, who is back for a second helping of eTown this week. If for whatever reason you do not know, Justin is the son of legendary singer/songwriter Steve Earle, who has also been with us many times. As a musician, it’s not always the coolest thing to live under the shadow of a well-known father or mother who forged the musical path ahead of them. It’s way too easy to immediately compare the art of the two and expect them to be the same – or “live up to the other.” While it might be easier getting noticed by record companies at the early stages of your career based on your last name, it can quickly become harder for folks like this once their foot is in the door. Justin will be the first to talk about the differences he has from his father, and he has clearly taken his own path musically. Can you hear the “Earle” in his songs? Of course you can. But his music is still very much his own. The best part is that his music is also really good.

IMG-1062Also with us is Texas-born singer/songwriter Sam Baker. I had never heard of Sam Baker until a recent interview with NPR’s Terry Gross. If you missed that one, and haven’t heard his story, I won’t spoil it for you now. His interview with Nick is a great moment in conversation that you should definitely check out. He also teams up with the eTones for a few numbers. Sam is a great storyteller and communicator, whether it is through his music or something he shares with you in conversation. He can also serve as an inspiration for anyone who feels like giving up sometimes, or that things are too hard. Why? Listen this week and find out. You’ll be glad you did.

IMG-1117Per usual, we have great eChievement Award story as well. This time, we visit with a woman who has taken old school recycling to the next level with school children.

Be sure to tune in or podcast.

– Z

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A Musical Meeting – Lucy Rose and Big Al This Week!

E-Town - Thu, 02/12/2015 - 02:37

We’ve got another great encore broadcast/podcast for you this week, featuring two musical acts that most certainly have never been in the same room before the taping.

IMG-7095First up is singer/songwriter Lucy Rose. For Lucy it was a week of firsts. It was her first visit to eTown, and the taping landed smack dab in the middle of her first tour of America with her band. I had never heard Lucy’s music before that day, and she really blew me away. I wasn’t expecting it. Not to draw comparisons, but if you are a Feist fan (like I am), then you’ll probably really like what Lucy is doing with her music. Her band is solid and talented, and her voice is like a siren sending you to shipwreck.

IMG-7041Also with us is guitar legend Big Al Anderson, who makes another stop in eTown to share some of his latest songs from his prolific songwriting career. If you like country music, the odds are that one of your favorite songs was either written or co-written by Big Al. He’s a songwriting powerhouse, but let’s not forget that he is also one of the nastiest guitar players out there. Most folks know him from his role in NRBQ back in the day, but he is still at it. Big Al almost literally destroys his guitar when it comes time for him to speak a little on it. I have seen strings and parts fly off of guitars during his visits to eTown. He never disappoints!

We also have a great eChievement Award story this week, so all in all you’ve got a great hour of listening to do at some point before we check in again. Be sure to tune in on your favorite radio station, stream the show from our site, or grab the free podcast in iTunes.



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Gold Sounds From Old Souls

E-Town - Thu, 02/05/2015 - 21:31

My grandparents in Tennessee (on the Littlefield side) had a gold velvet couch and recliner in their living room. Since both of my parents worked, I usually rode the school bus to a stop that was close to my grandparents house, and would walk to their house afterschool to hang out for a couple of hours in the pre-evening every day. I’d watch back-to-back episodes of The Three Stooges and The Little Rascals until either my mom or my dad came to pick me up. I can always remember how the music on these old TV shows struck me. Bassnectar copyright Tim ReeseWhy do I bring it up now? Because, our first musical guest reminds me (almost spot on) of not just the music from these old black and white programs, but also the personality of them. Pokey LaFarge and The South City Three are with us in this week’s back-by-popular demand broadcast/podcast that was originally taped back in 2012. Pokey LaFarge is a man who must have transported here from another time far away. Now there are a lot of bands and musicians out there that fancy the older stuff when it comes to music, but there is something about this guy that just makes it genuine. The real deal as they say. The band’s sound, Pokey’s voice, the way he looks, the way he talks, the instrumentation of the music…it’s all there. If you missed this episode the first time around, we are happy to give you another chance to discover it.

Home_ShovelsAlso with us this week is the husband and wife musical duo, Shovels and Rope. At the time when this episode was taped, Michael Trent and Cary Ann Hearst were road dogging it not only as a duo on stage, but also in the van. There was no tour bus, and no road crew. There was only a road atlas (OK maybe a GPS these days) and the open road to their musical dreams. You can actually hear the crumpled Styrofoam coffee cups on the floorboard of their van in the music they make on stage. They are old souls with golden intention, and we are lucky to have had them make a stop in eTown to share some of their humor, unique music and road stories with us.

Bassnectar copyright Tim ReeseAlong with two great musical guests, we also give Lifetime eChievement Award honors to Denis Hayes – one of the founders of Earth Day. Denis was with us once before, back in the very early days of eTown, and it was great to catch up with him again and learn about his activities today on the environmentalism front.

It’s another great hour of music and conversation for you this week. So, sit back on that gold velvet couch (or wherever is comfortable) and tune in or podcast!


– Zack

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