Who Is KOHO 101.1 FM?

VARIETY. KOHO Radio is a unique blend of local news and a variety of
eclectic music. At KOHO, we strive to offer listeners an alternative product.
Musically we mix adult alternative artists such as Norah Jones, John Mayer,
Dave Matthews, Eric Clapton and Alanis Morissette. We feature insightful
interviews with local and regional newsmakers as well as an in-depth look at
community issues and events. KOHO views the entire valley as a community
with important issues that affect everyone who lives here.


AFFLUENT AUDIENCE. Adults 25 to 54, with an above average mid to high
annual income. Wenatchee makes up the largest portion of our listening
audience, followed by Leavenworth and Cashmere. An above average amount
of our listeners have attended college and many hold professional degrees.
The median household income of the KOHO audience is $67,000 per year
(142% above county average) and over seventy percent of our listeners own
their homes. (Please see next page for more information).


INVOLVEMENT. As a service to the people who live in our community, we offer
programs for nonprofit organizations and look for ways that our role in the
community can help make a difference. Some of the community organizations
and events we support are the Empty Bowls Festival (Upper Valley Mend),
Wenatchee River Salmon Festival, Leavenworth Winter Sports Club,
Wenatchee Valley Humane Society, and local farmers markets among others.


GET RESULTS. Don’t just take it from us. Many successful organizations use
our station as a tool to their business’ success. Our mission was to enlighten,
entertain, and engage our listeners; now this powerful tool is available to your
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32 North Mission, Suite A

Wenatchee, WA. 98801